Pyramide Class-A

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    Handmade in France with high quality craftsmanship work made by our luthier. The current batch is sold out: please contact us for more information.
  • Top: 115 cm high, 46 cm width, 46 cm depth, 6.2 kg weight
    Base: 52 cm high, 46 cm width, 46 cm depth, 18 kg (Class-A amplifier inside).
  • Extended frequency range via it’s novel pyramid shaped design.
  • Transient details are enhanced by employing a very high end 2*40W Class-A power amplifier driving 2 carefully selected wideband transducers.
  • Built following the traditional stringed instrument maker’s know-how, integrating two sonically complementary sound boards.
  • Separated volume control for each soundboard.
  • Line level stereo IN (selectable between 2*6,35 mm mono jack or 2*RCA).
  • Complementary designed wooden base (which contains the amplifier).
  • Numerous possible options.

This Pyramid has  a true Class A designed to fully take advantage of the very specific characteristic of the tonewood soundboards. With its incredible rise time, it can reveal amazing transients that only the wood is capable of. The signal is as direct as it can be, with no capacitor in the path of sound and this from the beginning to the end. A DC detection is protecting the output and can stop the amplifier if any problem occurs. Each active, or preponderant, component is individually tested, all transistors are paired and have similar operation curves .

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The Pyramide Class-A is produced in small quantities and the current batch is sold out. This is awesome. We are so proud and happy to build innovative products for great and creative musicians.  If you are interested in purchasing a Pyramide Class-A, please contact us for more information on delivery times.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 179 cm