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La Voile

Floating soundboards

Based on our experience with the Onde and the Pyramid, we designed La Voile, a new resonator where we integrated the principle of floating soundboards that is not often used but that you can find in some vintage music box. Low price, awesome sound.


Self-powered resonator

Designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, the Onde and the Pyramid give the sound of a luthier to any electronic musical instrument, and can also be used as a high end bluetooth speaker.

3D auditory space

Generate a natural 3D sound, just like a traditional acoustic instrument.

Wooden soundboards

Tonewood is carefully selected high grade wood, cultivated for its inherent acoustical properties.

Immersive sound

Perfect for all stereo signals. Provides a large acoustical environment, like an acoustic instrument.

Easily portable

Portable and usable in a variety of situations, such as standing on its provided feet in different positions, attached to an instrument,  or on a stand.


Powerful sound

Resonator with a wider frequency spectrum range and loud sound. The Pyramid delivers an incredible and immersive sound, like a real acoustic instrument.

Large frequency range

Extended frequency range via its novel pyramid shaped design.

Audio IN

Line level stereo IN and many other options.

True class-A amp

Custom design to be coupled with soundboard. Direct signal path to the amplifier, with no capacitors altering the sound.

Class-D or A amplified,
or Essential

True class-A amplifier, class-D amplifier, or without an amplifier. The Pyramide Essential requires an external stereo amplifier, minimum 30 watts.


Bluetooth audio and APTX. Line level and Bluetooth can be mixed together.

Wooden base

The elegantly designed Pyramide is complemented by a custom wooden base, which contains the amplifier. Hidden audio connections are made through the connecting supports between the Pyramide and the base.


Redefining live and studio monitoring

La Voix du Luthier

Performing anywhere

Theremin academies

La Voix du Luthier

Home-studio with soul

Pair of Ondes as studio monitoring

La Voix du Luthier

Peter Gabriel Studio

The Pyramid and Onde at Real World Studio

La Voix Du Luthier - Superbooth19

Eurorack redefined

Turn the knobs & feel the sound

Kosima with the Onde

In studio with Kosima

Electro french touch with soul

La Voix du Luthier

Fairlight CMI touch

Organic sounds with the Onde


Acoustic meets electronic

The Onde and the Pyramid generate a 3D auditory space, just like a traditional acoustic instrument.


2*30W class-D (Onde and Pyramid) and 2*40W Class-A (Pyramid).


Separated volume controls for each soundboard.

French lutherie

Hand made following our traditional stringed instrument maker’s decades of experience.

Audio IN

Line level stereo IN on 3.5 mm stereo jacks (Onde) and 6,35 mm / RCA (Pyramid).


The Onde can be battery-powered, with up to one full day of use between charges.

No power needed

The Onde is either AC or battery powered and can supply DC power for two other USB devices during normal operation. Play electronic music off the grid!

Sound re-invented

Electronic musicians now can feel the vibrations of the sound they produce while playing.


Numerous possible options are available for all models through our web store. If you don’t see what you want, contact us directly!

A growing community

Join the community of musicians using the Onde and the Pyramid. New emotions, new music, new passions to create and share.

Moog Claravox


Snow Ghosts

Look Mum No Computer

Vika Yermolyeva

Deep Forest


La Voile


Special price



Many options

Pyramid essential


Pyramid single body


The sound of a luthier for your instrument

La Voix du Luthier has designed two speakers, without speaker cones. The Onde and Pyramid were unveiled in 2018 at the prestigious IRCAM in Paris, and then presented at SuperBooth 2018. These self-powered speakers, designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, give the sound of a luthier’s expertise in acoustics to any electronic instruments and guitars. The idea for La Voix du Luthier was born with the goal to create acoustic resonators that can be used with any electronic source that requires amplification, anything from a simple single electronic keyboard to a guitar or a remotely connected blue tooth smart phone.


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