Pyramide Single Body

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Pyramide Single Body

Feel the acoustical vibrations while playing your electronic instrument due to direct acoustical coupling, emulating this subtle yet significant playing experience that naturally occurs in traditional acoustic instruments.

The Single Body Pyramid has a built-in amplifier directly inside the resonator itself (and not in a separated box under the resonator): it makes it much lighter, cheaper to ship, easy to carry, and offer multiple mounting options thanks to 6 mounting points (Kodak screws) on under the resonator

Product Documentation

The Pyramids are handmade in France. It is a high quality craftsmanship work made by our luthier. Taking into account the success of our products, the delivery time of is about 3 months from the order (delays may occur due to the current issue in provisioning of wood and electronic parts)

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  • 115 cm high, 46 cm width, 46 cm depth, 7 kg weight
  • Extended frequency range via its novel pyramid shaped design.
  • built in 2*30W Class D amplifiers (integrated inside the resonator)
  • Battery-powered possibility (a battery holder is included but the batteries themselves are not provided) allowing up to one full day of use between charges.
  • Built following the traditional stringed instrument maker's know-how, integrating two sonically complementary sound boards.
  • Separated volume control for each soundboard.
  • Line level stereo input (2 mono 6.35mm jack) and Bluetooth/APTX (both can be used at the same time)
  • Multiple mounting possibilities thanks to 6 mounting points (Kodak screws) under the resonator - Provided with 3 tripod feet

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 49 × 49 × 120 cm