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The new modular case from La Voix du Luthier

First look at the new modular case from La Voix du Luthier. Made of wood by our luthier. An affordable and compact solution to be on the road with modulars.

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

Return from Superbooth 2019

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

Perfectly sized for plane traveling

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

Always styled

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

Ready to use

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

Fun at Superbooth 2019

La Voix Du Luthier - Modular Case

La Voix du Luthier signature

Superbooth19 was great

Awesome and crazy times at Superbooth 2019 in Berlin. A lot of visitors, a lot of fun, a great pleasure to present the Onde, the Pyramide, and our new modular case in this unique festival.

La Voix du Luthier at Superbooth 2019

La Voix du Luthier at Superbooth 2019 ! We are so proud and happy to participate to the Superbooth in Berlin. This huge event is the place to be for synth. Don’t miss our booth (H385), same place than last year ! But this time, we bring for the first time in Superbooth our flagship, the Pyramide with class-A amplifier. We plan to have some awesome music stuff on our booth like Haken Continuum, ContinuuMini, Modulars and some electro acoustic instruments.

La Voix du Luthier – Booth H385

Superbooth 2019 – 09-11 Mai 2019, FEZ BERLIN

See you !

La Voix du Luthier at INAsound – Paris

INAsound festival in Paris – 21/22 april 2019

Great event in Paris in this prestigious place, the Palais Brongniart. It was the first edition of the INAsound. A big festival in Paris with many famous artists and people involved in electronic music. Masterclass with Jean-Michel Jarre, concerts with Arnaud Rebotini, Jean-Benoît Dunckel (Air), electro-market area for exhibitors (Yamaha, UVI, La Voix du Luthier, etc.) Two days full of demonstrations with two Ondes, a Pyramide with class-A amplifier, a Haken Continuum and a ContinuuMini.

Thank you very much to INAsound management team for this great success, and to all the visitors who came to our booth.

La Voix du Luthier at MUSIKMESSE 2019

The perfect place to see, and ear the Onde and the Pyramide. So happy and excited to meet you on our booth ! See you there.
La Voix du Luthier Hall 3.1 Booth A87
2.–5. April 2019 Frankfurt am Main

La Voix du Luthier at NAMM 2019

La Voix du Luthier at NAMM 2019 !

Winter NAMM 2019 takes place from 24 to 27 January 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, California.

See you there !

Big success for the Kickstarter campaign!

I would like to deeply thank all of you for supporting us: this project would not have been brought to life without your support, and we can’t express how deeply grateful we are for your help ! TRULY HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ! Besides being grateful we are also very proud of the incredible comments and feedback we had, from a lot of you… may I mention Deep Forest, Vangelis, AR Rahman, Tom Rhea, Dorit Chrysler, Modularsquare, Vkgoeswild, Marc Chouarain, Baloran, Cuckoo, Look Mum No Computer … can you imagine this ! The Kickstarter campaign is closed now. Pre-ordering and on-line shop will be available soon. If you are interested by the Onde or the Pyramide, just sign up. The Onde is still available on Kickstarter as a bundle on the ContinuuMini campaign. Kickstarter campaign was a success, production start now ! Thanks again Christophe

Big thank you from Christophe !


I first would like to hugely thank all of you who have already supported our Kickstater, we are already very close to the goal. Just after 3 days, all the early birds Onde are already ordered. That’s amazing ! Onde are still available at regular Kickstarter price. Order on Kickstarter and save 25%. Also tell it to all your friends who may be interested!

Thanks again for your support !



Je voudrais tout d’abord chaleureusement remercier tous ceux qui nous ont déjà apporté leur support sur Kickstater. Nous sommes déjà très proches de notre objectif! Après seulement 3 jours, toutes les Ondes “Early bird” sont déjà réservées. C’est incroyable en si peu de temps. L’Onde est bien sur toujours accessible sur le Kickstarter. N’hésitez bien sûr pas à passer l’information à vos amis qui pourraient être intéressés.

Encore un énorme merci pour votre soutien !


Samedi 10 Novembre – Modularsquare – Paris

Nous vous invitons à venir découvrir de nouveaux diffuseurs de sons avec l’équipe de la Voix du luthier qui vous présenterons l’Onde et le Pyramid !

Si vous aimez les expériences physiques et acoustiques inédites, ressentir le son différemment dans votre corps, ne passez pas à côté de ce rendez-vous.

Vous pouvez même venir avec vos instruments si vous le désirez, nous passerons une après-midi à essayer des guitares, boites à rythmes et bien entendu des synthétiseurs dans ces diffuseurs d’un nouveau genre.

Mais ce n’est pas tout ! Vous aurez également l’occasion de découvrir le prototype du nouveau mini Haken Continuum fingerboard !

French Savoir Faire

When a french master luthier and a synth wizard joins together to imagine and produce a new way to listen to your music.

Dedicated amp design

The Pyramid comes with a high end amplifier designed by Luc Bourachot. This amplifier is a true 2*40W class A designed in harmony with the Pyramid. This picture shows a proof of concept. All components are individually tested to deliver an incredible and precise sound.

Guitar sound re-invented

The Onde and the Pyramid are perfect for electronic instruments, but not only. If you plug an electric or an electro-acoustic guitar in these speakers, will have access to a new way to feel your instrument and your sound. These speakers are more « acoustic » than a standard amp. This is a new way to experiment sound design with your guitar.

Electronic meets acoustic

Take with you your laptop or your iOS device, your favorite controller and the Onde. You are ready to play outside anywhere you want. Acoustic jams in your garden, electronic live session in nature, all is possible.

Haken Continuum expertise

Haken Audio is the manufacturer of the famous Haken Continuum Fingerboard. The team of Haken Audio is involved in La Voix du Luthier, sharing the expertise and the experience of manufacturing awesome musical products.

Story behind

The idea of the Onde and the Pyramid came when Christophe Duquesne and Marc Lucas decided to work together on the Cantate. The Cantate is an acoustic augmented instrument. Christophe is also an expert in physical modeling synthesis. The concept of « resonators » is one of the starting point of La Voix du Luthier technologies. From a french acoustic luthier to a world Kickstarter campaign.

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