I would like to deeply thank all of you for supporting us: this project would not have been brought to life without your support, and we can’t express how deeply grateful we are for your help ! TRULY HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ! Besides being grateful we are also very proud of the incredible comments and feedback we had, from a lot of you… may I mention Deep Forest, Vangelis, AR Rahman, Tom Rhea, Dorit Chrysler, Modularsquare, Vkgoeswild, Marc Chouarain, Baloran, Cuckoo, Look Mum No Computer … can you imagine this ! The Kickstarter campaign is closed now. Pre-ordering and on-line shop will be available soon. If you are interested by the Onde or the Pyramide, just sign up. The Onde is still available on Kickstarter as a bundle on the ContinuuMini campaign. Kickstarter campaign was a success, production start now ! Thanks again Christophe

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