Here are some news as we will very soon start the production and shipping of the Ondes. Last week, from Monday to Wednesday I was at Marc’s workshop to set the last details in order to be able to start the production and I also assemble 10 drawers  of amplifiers for the first batch of production. We will start with a “number 0”, expected early  next week , just to check that everything is fine, and correct the possible issues, and then go on for a first batch. Onde number 1 will go to our very first backer, we will also ship a few to some beta-testers to make sure we didn’t miss anything, and then we will take the backers in Kisckstarter’s order (modulated by the options that were taken by  some).

The “Acoustic Combo” of the ContinuMini campaign will be managed  at the same time as all stands of the La Voix du Luthier campaign.

We will also soon turn all pre-orders into  firm order.

Thank you very much for your patience, passion and future use of your acoustic speaker.


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